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Firestorms 2007 and 2014, and Power Outage 2011 were a wake-up call for all of us. How did you respond when asked to evacuate? Did you have a plan? Were copies of critical documents and important personal items ready to go? Did you have emergency lighting, communications, batteries, etc., how are your First Aid Supplies????

If you would like to be more prepared in the event something like this happens again, the Encinitas Fire Department and Encinitas CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) present a free disaster training program for Encinitas residents and employees.

“Are You Ready” Encinitas? is a training program customized to address the most likely events (earthquake and wildfires) that could lead to a community wide disaster, overwhelming our public emergency response resources. This training is provided neighborhood by neighborhood with the goal of:

  1. Helping us understand the risks specific to Encinitas
  2. Telling us what we can do ahead of time to minimize the effects of a disaster on our homes and our families
  3. Showing us what supplies to have on hand to carry us for up to 72 hours
  4. Telling us what to do if a disaster actually occurs and how we can work together, with our neighbors, in emergencies.

The format of these meetings brings small groups of neighbors together to connect, learn, and plan how to respond in threatening situations. It you are interested in HOSTING a presentation to your neighbors or ATTENDING a public “Are You Ready” Encinitas meeting please send an Email to or call Encinitas Fire Department Administration, at 760-633-2800.

Encinitas Fire Department endorsed Home Disaster Preparedness Starter Kits will be available for sale at substantially reduced prices.

Building a safe, prepared, and strong Encinitas community is the aim of this training program. The more residents and employees we can train, the stronger our city will be!

In addition to locally hosted presentations, this training program is also offered periodically in public venues such as the Encinitas Community Center or Library, open to all Encinitas Residents. Please look at the “Recent Posts” section in the right sidebar of this website for information about availability of a public presentation, and how to register.

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