Encinitas CERT communicates with members and other interested people using email. We use an email newsletter service  to manage the distribution lists and send the emails. These are not monthly or quarterly “newsletters”, but as-needed notices, and the traffic volume is deliberately kept as light as is reasonable. In some cases, such as amateur radio activity, notices are only sent to those concerned.

We encourage all CERT members to subscribe; this is the only reliable way to be notified of general meetings, training, volunteer opportunities, CERT activation events, and other significant CERT activity.

The emails we send are individual and private; you won’t see others’ email addresses.

Subscribe to our mailing list

Please send an email to info@enccert.org.

If you provide your telephone number it will be used to contact you for upcoming training opportunities. If you are an active member of CERT your telephone number will be used for notification of CERT activation.

Some further details:

Each email we send you has an unsubscribe link at the bottom. We have no desire to send anyone email they don’t want. If you want to unsubscribe but don’t have one of the emails available with the unsubscribe link, use the subscription address above and make clear that you wish to unsubscribe.

Note: The Encinitas Fire Department maintains its own email list of CERT members and may use that to distribute information about training opportunities and other matters. Subscribing here will not automatically add you to the FD’s list, and unsubscribing here will not get you off theirs, although we will usually let them know about unsubscriptions. If you get an email from somewhere other than enccert.org, it’s not from us. Contact the sender with any questions.

If you have any questions, issues, or comments regarding the subscription system or delivery of these email notices, please contact the email address above.