[+] Countywide Drill Apr 22 2017

There will be a Countywide CERT training exercise April 22 2017  8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. The location is Cuyamaca College, 900 Rancho San Diego Parkway, El Cajon.

The exercise design team has worked hard to create an exercise that is different than we’ve done in the past. CERT members will have the opportunity to practice skills from the basic FEMA CERT curriculum in a scenario based environment.

Exercise objectives are as follows:
Take proper action for CERT in response to an extraordinary and immediately
life  threatening event.
Establish a command structure.
Assess and prioritize survivor conditions, treat and stabilize wounds.
Operate a portable fire extinguisher, follow CERT fire suppression protocol.
Evaluate plans for conducting searches.
Use proper documentation.
Develop camaraderie and strength within the team.

The event flyer (pdf) can be downloaded here.

A current CERT DSW card is required. Participants should have all appropriate CERT clothing and gear. Hard shoes/boots, long pants and sleeves, CERT vest, hardhat, pack, personal protective gear etc. At some past drills, improperly attired / equipped participants have been turned away and not allowed to participate.

Please also bring your own lunch, and a folding chair.

Registration is very limited. Members who want to participate, or with questions, email to Arnie Lewin at alewin@encinitasca.gov.

[+] Verified participation satisfies the DSW Renewal annual training requirement.