Member Action Requested: City Funding Grant

Encinitas CERT Members and others,

At the most recent CERT Academy the trainees were asked: “Why are you here ?”

The answers were personally revealing and inspiring. 
Further below are their answers. But before you review them -What are your answers? What has your CERT Academy training done for you ?  

Your answer is Important as I’m requesting you EACH email your answer to each City Council member by this Tuesday June 18. Why ? 
Encinitas City Council will make a final funding decision on the annual City Grant Wed., June 19th. Your City Commissioners voted in May to allocate Encinitas CERT zero funds. Of 61 funded applicants, 4 received zero – Despite ECERTs exceptional past performance. There has been a lot of city changes in the last year. So it’s now clear that Encinitas CERT should be updating our activities and successes like Are you Ready and Academy to Council and Commissioners on a regular basis to reduce misunderstandings of who we are locally and nationally and not directly funded by the Fire Dept. 

Encinitas is surrounded by zones of huge fires and earthquakes in the past 15 years but yet to have to handle one in our direct midst. Consequently there is an ongoing apathy factor in general along the coast. (Despite the 60,000 citizen to 55 First Responder ratio). 
Your email, large or small, will make a difference. Despite the 2018 Encinitas City Council having created a CERT Appreciation Day, ECERT has had to lobby for the City Council last dollars in past grant proposals.  
Its also likely many of us may need to be seen sitting at the June 19th Council meeting. 

National CERT Conference San Diego : 
At the above conference, 2 weeks ago, the Calif, Governors Office told me directly that Encinitas CERT is predicted to be one of the more successful in the newly funded, 10 million dollar Listos! program due to the success of the of Encinitas CERT unique Are You Ready program. 
Listos is a Spanish Are You Ready Program that has just started.

Below is the summary of the Academy responses to Why are you here ? 
1. I’ve been in serious emergency’s before. I need to be better prepared. 
2. Because of the previous disasters its obvious those who are best prepared fare much better and know how to help others nearby including First Responders.  
3. I want to make sure my family understands some simple preparation and response before and during time of need. This includes my friends, neighbors, and coworkers. 
4. Its time for me to give back. 

CERTS all over are now referred to as IMMEDIATE Responders. 
Encinitas CERT has an extraordinary depth of skills, talents and accomplished people that have completed the Academy over 10 years. 
So Please be candid and send your email to the Encinitas City Council or individually:

Be well and let your voice be heard 
Doug Jones 
Encinitas CERT 
760 402 5697