Encinitas CERT Member Newsletter Archive (pdf):

Edition Topics
November 2018 Important Fire Season Information, Dealing With Financial Issues After a Disaster Part 1 of 4, October Membership Meeting, Preventive Steps for the Flu, San Diego County CERT Council, Smartphone Features that could Save Your Life
October 2018 Great California ShakeOut, October membership meeting, Prepare for wet weather, Oktoberfest, Safety During Search and Rescue Part 3
September 2018 National Preparedness Month, Emergency Q&A, Reducing your Home’s Fire Risk, Reunification Resources, Safety During Search and Rescue Part 2
August 2018 “Must have” FEMA App for your smartphone, Academy updates, Evacuation planning, and Safety during Search and Rescue Operations Part 1
July 2018 Fire Suppression Safety, Fourth of July Fireworks Shows and other great events around Encinitas, Dealing with the Summer Heat, and Tips for Retirees
June 2018 Poway Emergency Survival Fair, June 9th Picnic and Refresher Course, Earthquake preparation, Sun Exposure, and more!
May 2018 CERT Picnic, Earthquake Early Warning System, County Drill, Spring Street Fair, Additional Training for CERT members
April 2018 SD County Emergency App, Community Outreach, Fire Resistant Landscaping, and Evaluating a Victim During Triage.
March 2018 “Are You Prepared for a Disaster? Part 5”, Spring Academy, Shelter Training, and Country Drill announcements, and Disaster Trauma.
February 2018 “Are You Prepared for a Disaster? Part 4”, City Council Recognition, Self-Activation, Team Well-Being
January 2018 “Are You Prepared for a Disaster? Part 3”, City Council Recognition, and CERT Size-Up procedures
December 2017 “Are You Prepared for a Disaster? Part 2”, CERT Bag content recommendations, and Establishing a Medical Treatment Area
November 2017 “Are You Prepared for a Disaster? Part 1”, NIMS Update, and CERT Mobilization Review
October 2017 Skills refresher class, Are You Ready to Deploy, Useful Phone Apps and Links, Working with Survivors’ Trauma
September 2017 National Preparedness Month, Review of Fire Class Types