National CERT conference San Diego May 27 – June 1 2019

This year’s Annual CERT Conference will be held in San Diego. The Planning Team is looking for volunteers to staff the event. Those chosen to work the event will be required to work two 4-hour shifts over the six days. The details are below. For those chosen, you receive free admission into the CERT Conference which will include CERT members from all across the country, County, State and Federal representatives, seminars, classes and much more. Please contact Arnie Lewin at the link at the bottom of this page to register for a volunteer position before February 22.  Provide your Name, Email, Phone, DSW/CERT ID Number and Expiration Date.

For those who wish to attend but do not want to volunteer the Registration for the Conference will be $350 for early birds (before March 1, 2019). Registration will be $400 after March 1, 2019. You can register for the conference at If you select the mail-in check option, you must send your check within 30 days or your registration will be cancelled. You can email (reference “registration” in the subject line) if you need any special arrangements to pay for your registration.

*Please note that this venue will only allow for 570 or so attendees (70 less than the 2016 conference attendance). Be sure to register early to ensure your ticket.

The Conference is being held at the Paradise Point Hotel & Spa, located at 1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, CA 92109.

Pre-conference Training

Pre-conference will be held off site near the conference hotel. This will allow us to provide refreshments and lunch at a much lower cost. Pre-conference training cost will be $15 per day (to cover the cost of refreshments and lunch). The exception will be any training conducted on Monday, May 27, 2019 as those trainings will be conducted at the hotel site and food and refreshments will not be provided).

The conference planning team is still deciding which courses will be offered during pre-conference training. Likely candidates include:

• L427 CERT Program Manger course (participants will receive a FEMA Certificate)
• L428 CERT Train-the-Trainer course (participants will receive a FEMA Certificate)
• G288 Volunteer and Donations Management
• G489 Management of Spontaneous Volunteers during a Disaster

The CERT Conference Planning Team for May/June 2019 has allocated 30 registration tickets to the County of San Diego CERT Programs as compensation for hosting this year’s event. Here are the details:

• CERT Members must be active and in good standing
• CERT Members must be recommended and approved by their Program Managers
• CERT Members must commit two 4 hour shifts of volunteering (hours and shifts may start at early as 6am and end as late as 6pm)
• CERT Members must commit to full availability to be scheduled for the following days:
• Monday May 27th (Memorial Day)
• Tuesday May 28th
• Wednesday May 29th
• Thursday May 30th
• Friday May 31st
• Saturday June 1st
• CERT Members may not have a choice on their job duties, shift times, or shift days. Once we have 30 members, we will then send out a position sign up REQUEST sheet. We will fill the positions as needed, but reserve the right to change the members job duties the day of the event based on evolving needs.
This is a value of about $400 for one day of Volunteering. IT WILL BE FIRST COME FIRST CONSIDERED.

To volunteer, please contact Arnie Lewin via email before February 22 at:

Provide your Name, Email, Phone, DSW/CERT ID Number and Expiration Date in the email message.