This is a generic script that will not be updated here for each net session. It’s in rich text format (.rtf) so it can be edited to customize in either Windows or MacOS, or just print it and edit by hand. The fields that need to be customized (dates, NCO call sign, etc.) are in blue text.

[Italicized text in square brackets] is an instruction to the NCO, not meant to be read on-air. In particular, [Break] is a reminder to release PTT so that someone else can inject a comment.
<Text in angle brackets> is meant to be substituted with what it describes, e.g., <your location>.

It’s not required to stick to this script verbatim; modify it so you feel comfortable reading it on-air. It’s intended to provide a starting point, especially for those who haven’t been NCO often.

Del Mar Repeater Installation
The Del Mar repeater is located on Crest Drive in Del Mar, at the water tower (about 700 Crest Dr). It is normally powered by SDG&E mains (120V) via a 25 Amp 12V power supply. Backup power is supplied by 4 100 Amp-Hour sealed lead-acid batteries. Current drain during RX is about 650 milliAmps , TX is less than 13 Amps. A Samlex Battery Backup Module (BBM), model BBM-1225 sits between the 12V supply, batteries, and repeater. The BBM provides uninterrupted power to the repeater during a interruption of power from SDG&E, and keeps the batteries charged when SDG&E power is available. A photo of the battery installation is here.

The repeater is a Kenwood TKR-850 , Arnie Lewin W7BIA is the trustee.