Volunteer “Victims” needed for Active Shooter Drill May 6 – 13 2019

The CSA-17 Fire Agencies are hosting a live Active Shooter drill at the Del Mar fairgrounds. They need volunteer actors to play victims and bystanders to create a realistic scene for our Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement Officers. Help make yourselves and your community safer by helping your first responders train.

Monday – Friday May 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and Monday May 13th 2019, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Volunteers do not need to be CERT members. “Volunteers must be 18 years and older. Volunteers will have makeup applied for the training. Please wear a swimsuit under clothing that can be THROWN AWAY after the training and bring a change of clothes with you. Lunch, snacks, and water will be provided.”

Download the event flyer (pdf) with details and links here.

Note: Participation does NOT satisfy the DSW Renewal annual training requirement.